Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Love

LuLu loves our porch and being outside. I always feel like we are making up for lost time. We enjoy side walk chalk, blowing bubbles, eating and ant watching on our porch. Her toes curl under and she's totally creeped out by the ants but she loves the thrill of finding them. She's not afraid of needles or large dogs. Go figure. We feel totally, utterly lucky to live in such a great neighborhood filled with friends we've grown to love over the last year. I don't think I could picture a better place for our kids to grow up. I am extremely grateful. LuLu has been in great health since our last hospitalization in March and we plan to keep it that way! Fingers crossed, knock on wood, Pray to God. I can't help but panic even when she gets a slight cough or runny nose that it will turn into so much more...but that's the life of a transplant kid. I have a feeling it will be a fabulous summer. :)

On her throne...


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