Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some where over the rainbow...LuLu turned 3!

my little dorothy...she knows better than most 3 year olds that there really is                                
 "no place like home"

Another fun birthday celebrated with the many friends and family who are dearest to our hearts. Here is to a wonderful year ahead London!

They say it's your birthday!

Earrings, take 2. (last round closed up) She was a champ, didn't cry- didn't even want to sit on my lap...I guess that's what happens when you have a medical baby. Needles don't scare this girl.
Had pizza and presents...with bubby, daddy and aunt mary jane.
...Cute Christmas card from MJ, will frame this and put with my holiday decorations. Sawyer will need to see that Santa can be black too...
Happy 3rd birthday my dear girl. Can't believe all you've been through in your short life... we love you so. so. so. so much. Party pics coming...

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