Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our friend Harmonee

I was with Farrah and Brandon the night they signed a DNR. With the loss of her own baby's life looming, Farrah voiced her desire for anything that was still viable to be donated. She is amazing. I am so glad miracles happened and with God's hand the skilled Doctors and Nurses saved her life.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


dog sitting ramsi (who is now roxy)

It was sobering to read this article tonight that was emailed to me by my sister Cydnee. She was one of 4 who were screened to be a living donor for LuLu. One of four who were willing to risk everything for LuLu to live.

I am so grateful that Ashley's family made the decision to allow her to be a donor. It spared someone from having to undergo major surgery.

Being an organ donor is so incredibly important. It is miraculous for donor family's despite their grief and loss and for recipients and their family's for preservation of life that could be done no other way but to receive a new organ.

It's been a little over six months since LuLu's transplant and besides a few hospitalizations, medications, appointments, therapy and blood is so normal. I'm happily adjusting to it. I'm trying not anticipate the next hospital stay- though we know it will happen. I'm trying to shelter her less, leave the house more and let her explore the world a bit...the germs that come with it and all. I'm never far off with a bottle of hand sanitizer.

After going through a year with Lu as we did...we pretty much put our battle gear on and did what we had to do. We always tried to put our best foot forward, enduring with her as best we could. We thought that something magical would happen as soon as she got her transplant and was "better". Like life would be easy again. But the road has felt rougher at times the last several months than it did prior to her transplant. I think it's because we now have to process that year and everything that came with it. It's traumatic but getting better.
Whether we knew our donors family or not we'd still grieve the death of the child that saved our LuLu. It's difficult. Our appreciation is beyond measure.
Again, GRATEFUL neither James or our siblings had to go through with being a live donor.
GRATEFUL to Ashleys MuM and Dad for allowing her to be OUR donor as well as for several others.
alpha-1, liver mum

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Growing up too fast.

She insisted, I caved. Her woobie showered too.


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