Friday, December 11, 2009

Benefit Dinner

Video from Wayman Studio

Let me start by saying...I have a lot of time on my hands right now as we have been admitted to the hospital since Wednesday, hence my catching up on London's blog.

Next, let me tell you that this wonderful video catches only a glimpse of one of the most amazing nights of my life. It was as special to me as our wedding day... so many people rallied to support us, particularly little Lulu. She was not in attendance because it was during her long hospital stay October-November but wouldn't have been there anyways because of the hundreds of people that would not have been able to hold themselves back from clobbering her with love (& germs). But her spirit was ever so present.

Jon Schmidt put on an amazing piano performance, the food was great and the silent auction- a wonderful success. Every little detail planned with great love. The flowers were beautiful, the table settings lovely and the hundreds of little notes that were tied to the tree are so encouraging to open each day. I wish everyone I know and love could have attended but with huge families and many close friends our seating was limited. So the next best thing I can do is share a smidge of this night with you via the Internet..Julia, Kathryn, Chantell and Leslie did an unbelievable job spearheading and organizing this event with the help of MANY. Too many to start naming- but to you all and everyone in attendance, thank-you and our deepest appreciation.

The post/video above was made and shown at the benefit dinner...hope you enjoy!


Jamie said...

Lizzie, that is such a beautiful video and your comments were absolutely beautiful! What a special night. How sweet. Tears come as always. Thank you for sharing! Love you, love your little Lulu.

Julia said...

Oh what a night! One of the best of my life, too, sweet Lizzie.

A huge, huge thanks to dear Leslie for hiring the video guy. What a keepsake for Lu! Love you Les.

A womb for rent said...

((tears)) WOW! Beautiful!!

Karen said...

Wow! thanks for the wonderful that night must of much love in one room!

Sarah said...

Wonderful video! thank you for sharing that. truly inspirational. As always, cousin Lulu is in our prayers.
--Mo & Sarah

Erica said...

I am sorry to hear you are back in the hospital I hope it isn't for long this time around. (((Hugs)))

Tara said...

Wow! What an incredible night that must have been. I couldn't help but cry while watching that touching video. I am still so sad that I couldn't make it that night. You all are in my prayers. Stay strong, Liz. I am so proud of you!

AshleyS said...

That was so beautiful to watch! Spence and Drea told me about it, but so much better to see this video from it. wish we could have been there!


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