Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Most Beautiful Tree

Kath, Tay, Will, Me & buddy

Kathryn, Taylor and Bronson...a dear friend of theirs that passed away several months ago. Kathryn and Adam granted his "Make a Wish" which was to go on a hunting trip. His entire family and friends got to go camping and he got a kill, which he is pictured with. He was a great boy that really touched the Fentons life.

Me, Mommy & Lulu

LuLu's Tree

Lulu-having her own tea party, looks like part of the scenery

April, an ANGEL in our life

Dear sissy Cydnee

The festival was amazing. Every tree having it's own story. Whether it be a sick child like mine who is fighting a good fight or in memory of a sweet angel that has passed on to be with our Father in Heaven. It was a sacred and humbling day for me, to walk up and down the isles and see all the beautiful trees, my heart heavy for every child & family being represented.

If you know someone who has lost a child- don't forget about them. Remember their birthdays, talk about them. Mom's who've lost their babies think about them all day every day and want to know that other people think of them too. If I were to lose London, (which we wont, but it was a thought of mine at one time) it would break into me pieces to think of her being forgotten by others.

When we found Lulu's tree I was surprised to see that it had been purchased by "Nana and Papa" and it is now residing in our family room. Thank you Bri and Cindy, what an amazing, generous gift. I will look at it all day long. It has filled me with hope and love. I can see that many, many hours were put into decorating and designing it. It is so lovely- so Lulu. It is adorned with hand made ornaments and the skirt is made of a dozen aprons that I'll share with the most special women in my life after the season is over. This tree makes me so happy.

I can't wait to meet the women and girls that created the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. Thank you Holladay 3rd Ward Activity Girls and leaders, you have touched our lives. See you on the 18th! James and I are VERY excited to participate in the Festival of Trees next year in honor of someone else.


Andrea Coles said...

Went to the festival the other day, saw Lulu's tree. It was so beautiful and we were so proud to be able to support Primary Childrens and all the children that benefit from their care. Seeing all the children that are sick or passed on was difficult and I almost cried more than a few times.

Just wanted to let you know that we love you guys so much and are so proud to count you as friends. We wish you all the best!

McCall said...

You have the BEST in-laws ever! They are so wonderful!

Brock and Lisa McKeown said...

How fun, that's so cool to also have the tree in your home!!!!

Sarah Lemn said...

You have such a wonderful family and church support system! We are praying lots that LuLu gains weight and that God helps prepare her body, James, you and the rest of your family for transplant! Praying that you won't have to spend Christmas in the hospital and you can enjoy your new tree from the comfort of your home on Christmas morning!

Sam and Jess said...

I saw Lulu's was so cute!!

Amanda said...

Oh Liz, that is so amazing that you guys have her tree!! It is soo cute and you all look great! Hope she is doing good and better!! When Britt passed away we did a tree in memory of her for the festival of tree's and it stayed in our family!! And me and Taras have it! We are soo lucky!! It's so nice to put it up and look at it all the time and think of her! I wish I could leave it up all year!! I'm so glad you have Lulu's!! That's great!! All the best....amanda

allieb said...

oh, her tree is darling! i love going to the festival of trees and wanted to go see it but never made it because kaia has been sick. i will have to come over and see it! loves

Jo Lynn said...

Absolutley beautiful!!! I so wish I could have been there and I'm so happy that tree is in your family so you can see it always. Thank you for this amazing post, it only reminded me of how more stories need to be shared about my loved ones who have passed and tears welt up in my eyes thinking of these little angels passing onto to be with their Heavenly Father! I was so thankful to participate in the fast for Lulu and know He hears and answers our prayers! Much Love,
Jo Lynn

Jamie N said...

How sweet that Nana and Papa bought the tree. And so happy to see that little Lulu was able to make it to the festival to see her tree up close and personal. You and your family are beautiful.

Cydnee said...

Lulu looked like a sweet doll under the tree. She IS a gift to all of us.

Tara said...

What an incredible tree! What an incredible family. I love you guys!


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