Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prayers for little Livvy, please


Little Livvy has been struggling and suffering for a long time now. We use to both bunk at Hotel Primarys together but as Lulu's stays have decreased in frequency- Livvy's have picked up, ALOT.

Answers have been hard to find, the right kind of Doc- unknown. Please pray for miracles to happen for this great family. Olivia has a stong Momma, my heart breaks for her knowing how hard it is to see your baby suffer.

I know miracles happen, we have seen them at Primarys time and again.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mothers Day Gift

While at my Mom's house on Mother's Day we came across this picture of London. It hurts to look at. Her tummy was so swollen and uncomfortable from hypertension and would later have to be drained with a needle on several occassions. She wouldn't eat anything orally when it was this big which would make for a lot of super-foods going down her tube-which she would inevitably throw up. She use to throw up all day long. The worst was finding her asleep in it during the night or morning unknown to us.

Her arm is all bandaged up like it was for months and months because of her PICC line which would give her the nutrients directly into her blood stream to keep her nourished since she wasn't keeping her food down, nor absorbing food properly because of the damage already caused to her liver. We could never get that arm wet, which made baths a little complicated and not so much fun. After her transplant it was removed and a central line was put in which is essentially the same thing but closer to her heart, again making bath time (sponge time) hard and potentially dangerous to her. I'll never forget the first time I was able to shower with her after she had no more lines- it was one of the greatest, most special moments of my life. I'll never forget her little body clinging to me like a baby monkey, enjoying being soaked and sprayed. I cried, she laughed.

Seeing this picture and being reminded of what life use to be like, something I easily forget- felt like the best gift I could have been given on Mothers Day. I was made to remember that every day with her (and Jones) is the greatest blessing on Earth.


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