Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Getaway...


LuLu had been sick for about a week, throwing up and a bad cold. We took her to the doctor and was assured it was just a cold. But several more days of her feeling miserable and then spiking a fever it was off to the ER Friday night. Well, we had to check in @ the ER but were able to bypass it and go straight to the penthouse of the hospital. 4th floor ICS (Immuno Compromised Services) a very exclusive group of little people-cancer, HIV/AIDS and transplant kids. After a few hours of MISERY-- labs, urinalysis, chest xrays, and a DEEP nose suction for a VRP (viral respitory panel) which always leaves her with a bloody nose.

RESULTS: a double ear infection and RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) which is very scary for little ones like Lu.

Checkin the view...

She received maintence fluids since she wasn't keeping anything down and IV antibiotics for her ears and anything else that could have been lurking in her body. I dreaded the day our mobile, walking, climbing the walls London would have to be attached to a tube, pole and confined to a small room. The days came and went and we survived.

I spent the first night in London's crib with her. She wanted me there and I wanted to be as close to her as I could be. She was inconsolible and after a few hours, so was I--for many reasons that night laying next to her. But her pain and confusion were enough to justify my tears and heartache. We cried ourselves to sleep together until a few hours later when her IV tubing was wrapped around her neck, which again made me glad I was laying right next to her. Oxygen & many hourly vitals later the night finally ended and a new and better day began.

We were getting creative trying to entertain her...whatever makes her happy. She really wanted to go swimming- this is what we came up with and it was good enough for her.
>>>drinking like a kitty cat...however we can get her fluid intake up...

We were able to sneak away while my mom stayed with LuLu to spend time with Jones. We took him to a movie about space (which he's been really into lately) at Clark Planetarium then enjoyed the exhibits. Here's Jones on the Moon... We always say "love you to the moon and back"

Then he hopped over to Mars...the other night Jonah asked James if he knew how much he loved him? James asked how much and Jones said "to Uranus and back, do you know where Uranus is Dad?" He is a funny, smart, quick, witty 4 year old. That comment will go down in our books.

There is a learning curve with chopsticks...
self portraits with my little man. It's important for the "well" child to get mom and dads love and attention while London is sick in the hospital. He was having so much fun staying with his Aunt Maryjane that he didn't really even want to come with us-- but I think he tolerated it ;). He was really glad to return to her after for their second sleep over.

Back to the hospital where Lu was bathing Dora, purple guy and her bouncy ball. She would ask for her Bubby a lot and go to her door knocking for him and wanting to call him on my phone. She loves her brother, always misses him when she is in the hospital.
The most gracious thank you to Aunt Allie for rushing some Dora DVDs to LuLu which she watched around the clock. Dora's voice now makes me want to stab pencils in my ears but I am grateful she entertains London in her time of great need. Thank you Mom for staying with Lu so James and I could be with Jones. Thank you Aunt MJ for taking the best care of Jonah, Thank you James for being the best Dad ever to our two kids. He slept the second night with her while I got to sleep in my own bed. And last but not least thanks to the GI team and to a loving Heavenly Father that is always mindful of London and our little family. We are happily recovering at home now and will be back to the hospital Wednesday for labs.

Not a shabby view from our hospital room.
liver mum

Monday, February 14, 2011

How do you get your husband to bathe the dogs?

....throw them in the shower while he's in there with your kids.

Love it when my kids are clean, dogs are fluffy and husband's not stinky.

PS we don't think we have enough blogs between my liver blog and our family blog, ;) ;) so my mom started another one about one of the things my Daddy does best--building.


It's a work in progress and will be keeping my Mum busy getting it all up-to-date.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love is in the air--and the water

A rare moment, caught forever. I love them and hope one day they can comprehend just how much. I hope they will be the others best friend. I hope they will find someone to love the way I love their daddy. He is my happiness and the thing I am most sure of in life.

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