Monday, July 25, 2011

home for the fireworks

I didn't blame her for being mad after the day she had and then to come down and find the TRAIN wasn't on because it was a SUNDAY. Ugh. Poor girl. ;P

Bath time in the hospy. She is so big we graduated her to a real tub rather than a baby bucket. Just had to keep her IV sight dry...She was having a blizzzast.

Then some special friends came for a visit. Nate my friend from MHS and his sweet wife Suzanne who has become a dear friend of mine. Thanks for the Little Mermaid Squeekies. SHE loves them and we have yet to lose a singe one. Loves to you Gage, Kate and Eva!


We were able to be sent home in time to watch fire works on the 4th with friends from our neighborhood. We cancelled original plans to avoid crowds and get the little toad to bed at a decent time. We enjoyed visits in the hospital from friends and family and had such a great nursing staff. I will keep this positive and NOT go into the awfulness of London being cathed for a urine sample, other than to say it will never happen again. Momma wont allow it. We will go about getting pee the old fashion way. Wish I would have stuck to my guns and said no. It wasn't good for anyone, poor LuLu was so confused, hurt and felt violated. There I go. I will stop. It was among the most awful 15 minutes of my life. Love you Sweet London. You are the bravest of the brave. Stay well now...for a while anyway. xoxo

Saturday, July 2, 2011

make plans, cancel plans

the bow was a nice touch, lulu appreciated it....

woke up from this nap to my mom's beautiful face...she is still my comfort just like i'm lu's. i would have loved for my mom to hop in the crib with us!

it was going to be a really fun weekend. dirt biking this morning, birthday party for the kids, staying at a friends cabin tonight...throwing a surprise party for my sis-in-law tomorrow (SURPRISE SARA!).... but it's not unusual for us to avoid a crowd to keep London well or to cancel the fun stuff to get LuLu better. so instead we headed to PCMC this morning for a (short) stay...we should be able to leave Monday, knock on wood. we will make up for the lost fun next weekend. London's temperature got up to 103.5 which is an automatic hospital stay for her.

i'm not saying that watching the little mermaid on a continuous loop isn't fun....just not AS fun as plan A. it always makes me take pause to reflect on how grateful we are for modern medicine, the care we receive at Primary's, for our donor Ashley and how fortunate we are to have such a miracle child. she is an impeccable 2 year old. i hope i'm as proud of her as a teenager as i have been in her short life thus far.

her labs look good, she's receiving fluids and IV antibiotics, urine/stool samples look okay, so not sure what the cause of the fever- probably just a typical bug that kicks her cute, little immunosuppressed butt.

get well soon my little lu.

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