Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today marks 1 year since Ashley's life ended and LuLu's life would soon begin.

When I ran the Ragnar Relay last summer I had the opportunity to run what most definitely was the most beautiful leg of the whole race. It was through Paradise, Utah...rightfully named. Team Donate Life, we were running to raise awareness for organ donation and I carried Ashley's memory every step I took.

As I ran my first leg through Paradise I felt her with me, in me, around me and everywhere I looked. Tears stained my cheeks the whole run. It was green and lush with rolling hills and horses everywhere. I felt like I was running through her heaven. The air was so clean, the sky was very blue. It was amazing. I was extremely grateful to feel that kind of peace, when all I'd felt for months was guilt that she was gone and I had my London because of her.

I'll always mourn her, love her, speak her name and see a glimmer of her in Lulu's eyes. The day will come when we meet this sweet love in the next life and I can't wait to pick her up and thank her.

A-1, liver mum


Carlye Momma said...

What a beautiful tribute Lizzie! I am sure she is right with you and Lulu always. I ran that same leg last year, and you are exactly right...absolute perfect name for that town right? Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

"Ashley's heaven"...what a perfect description of your run through Paradise, Utah. We have been the recipient of the greatest blessing ever. We think of Ashley and her family today and every day!
Brent and Bonnie

Сергей said...

We will pray that God would have kept the soul of Ashley is in heaven. Yet we are experiencing for Lulu. Lulu's parents - the real heroes. Ashley's parents, I extend my sympathy and I want to say: "Nasonov's Family in Russia knows about you and praying for you"Thank you.
Sergei D Nasonov


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