Thursday, March 17, 2011

A weekend away-the real kind

Welcome normalcy. I have missed you for two whole years now. Splashing at the pool with my baby couldn't be sweeter. A little mini vacation to our family condo in St. George has been a long time coming. We needed this weekend. We loved this weekend. We will have many more weekends LIKE this weekend. We were in the greatest of company with dear friends joining us. London was the definition of happiness while in the pool and all I am hearing from her lately is "want to go swimming NOW mama" "want to go swimming NOW mama" "lets go for a trip mama" We will be going swimming MORE LuLu, but not always NOW.

The truest kind of love. James and LuLu. He loves his girl.

He loves this girl too (me) and loved me even more after I learned to ride me a dirt bike. He's gotten really good at this sport the last few years and has been wanting to pull me in to this addiction of his. He did and I love it too. No, I didn't ride in a tank top. I had every piece of protective gear known to man. Thank goodness...or I wouldn't have walked away from this weekend in one piece. Think I know what James will be getting me for my 30th, a little, girly sized dirt bike wrapped up in a hot pink bow to match my riding pants...hint. hint. Thanks for the loaner Chantell.

Sweeties bathing after swimming. This is our little friend Tori. We love her. She is the worlds best 2 year old (no offense Lu). Mind boggling really...chalking her up to really great parents. I took pointers this weekend- believe me.

Happy wedding to Bryce and his beautiful bride Cherise (the real reason we headed south) and cheers to good friends (Tellie, Scott, Jenna and Joe, Kath and Adam), good food and warm weather.

I was so happy to come home to melted snow and growing tulips. Mother Nature knows I need Spring. No more snow. Please. Begging, actually.

Hoping all your weekends were swell too...

xoxo lizzie


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