Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 12

"It was an accident mom..." and it really was.

Good news- London's kidneys have been coming around. Stopping the diuretics and antibiotics gave them the break they needed and her renal function is improving. The downside of her decrease in diuretics is an increase in swelling body wide and fluid in her belly.
I spent the weekend at home with Jonah, we both enjoyed every minute. James was on Daddy duty with London at PCMC. Jonah has been granted clearance to come onto LuLu's unit. They both lit up when they saw eachother. They love eachother very much. It's amazing to me that at the ripe age of 3 he doesn't resent her with the situation he finds himself in, being without a Mum much of the time and knowing it's because she is sick. He's a good boy.
Uncle Jord has continued almost daily with different tests. He is looking like a promising candidate as her living donor. Her doctor is hoping she can wait for a good offer from UNOS as it is likely in the very near future. It would be best not to put him through this surgery if it isn't absolutley necessary. It is major to say the VERY least. So, they will have him ready and waiting in the wings...he will be her secret weapon, her last defense. She loves him, the way she looks at him- I really think she knows what he is willing to do for her.


Julia said...

What a sweet reunion!!!

Dayton and Candice said...

I am so glad I checked on London's Blog today, I read the last post after I called you and have just been praying the next time I got on here there would be better news! And It is so precious to see the lil' bro & sis together!! I love you and tell my all-time fav "Jesus" look-a-like that he is also in our prayers that he can be London's secret weapon!

allieb said...

aww he is such a good big brother : ) those pics are precious! glad her kidneys are doing better, thanks for the update. xoxo

Erica said...

They look so happy to see each other. I am glad to hear that her kidneys are picking up. I can't wait to hear the update about her new liver.

Jo Lynn said...

How wonderful, I'm so glad they let Jonah in to see his baby sister, that is adorable! The love between siblings is incredible! Wow, I sure hope uncle Jord is the right person, what a blessing family is and what an amazing man he is to give a part of himself to sweet little lulu! I haven't been commenting just because of how busy life is right now, but know I still read all your posts! I loved the video of lulu jammin to Bob Marley, that was great. What a sweetheart she is! Glad you had a day with just you and Jonah, I'm sure it was a great day for him and you!

Jamie N said...

LOVE the pics with those two little munchkins together. Lulu looks so excited to see her big bro. Honestly, precious.
Hope you're able to have a wonderful Christmas. I've been thinking about you all week. Love you, love you.


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