Friday, December 11, 2009

Love Story meets Vida la Viva

This is a really special little clip to me. The music is Love Story, by Taylor Swift meets Vida la Viva by Cold Play-arranged by our local, wonderful Jon Schmidt. He played at a benefit dinner we had for London last month and is just a wonderful person. The words in this video all have a new meaning to me in my life and was really touched when I watched it this morning. Enjoy! xoxo Lizzie


Amanda said...

Liz. That is beautiful! I saw Lulu's tree at the Festival of Trees! SO pretty! I hope all is well. Merry Christmas! It was so good to see you at the boutique!!
-Amanda Scott Skowronek

Jo Lynn said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

Karen said...

Love this...I feel like I've seen this it possible they played it on the big screens at our church? or maybe I've just seen something similar....anyways... its awesome!


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