Monday, December 21, 2009

Lulu's friend Lydia

Below is an email I received from LuLu's liver friend Lydia. (well her parents that is...) there are a few easy steps below that can be taken to help her parents win a contest at her daddy's work to earn $1,000 dollars that will be put towards her upcoming transplant. It's free, easy and safe. I know her mum personally and know this is legit. Please take the time for her this holiday season, it will take 2 minutes. Please pass this info along to your friends and family (cut & paste) through would mean the world to LuLu! Thank you!!

Dear family and friends,

This year has been a trying year for us with our daughter Lydia. She is in need of a liver transplant. This will happen most likely in a few months.

The company I work for, called NexOne, is sponsoring a fun Christmas/ New Years challenge that ends on January 15th. The winner will recieve a cash prize of $1000. Right now we could use this money for help with the costs of the transplant.

For us to win this challenge between all the NexOne employees, we need to get the largest group of friends to register at a website called and either send us an ivitation to be their friend or accept us as their friend. is a website that was setup by my company just for this challenge. This is a completely legitimate website. All you have to do is register a username and invite me to be your friend or accept Brian Christiansen as your friend.

We would really appreciate if you would help us by forwarding this message to your friends and family for us and CC me on that email at

If you want to contact me my email address is and I can give you more information.

Instructions for registering:

  1. Please go to and click “Register” at the top of the page.

  2. Enter a new username, your birth year, a password, and your email address. Then put a check mark in the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” field. Then click the “Create account” button.

  3. Click on "ADD NEW FRIENDS" under the Quick Menu.

  4. In the search for new friends search box just put in my name "Brian Christiansen" then click on the search button.

  5. Then click on the "Invite" button next to my name.

  6. I will accept the invitation as soon as I see them.

  7. You are now done you can then close the webpage.

If you have problems email me at


Brian and Janene Christiansen (Layton, Ut.)

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