Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 16 The Stocking was hung in her hospital room with care, in hopes that a liver soon would be there...

Jordan. Better known as Uncle JuJu in our family. (we can get a little tongue tied with JuJu, LuLu and LaLa (Linden) )

Jonah, Christmas morning with LuLu's tree. She was missed by him.

The beautiful scarf and hat were made by my sissy Julia, but given to her by Aunt Cydnee
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Christmas was wonderful. James's Aunt Mary Jane (recently dubbed Terri, short for Mother Theresa) insited on staying the night with LuLu so we could do Christmas morning together with Jonah and family. Hesitantly but gratefully I accepted her offer. We had an amazing day. Presents at home. Gifts given and gotten at Nana and Papa's as well as Grandma and Grandpas house. Good food all day long and lots of family that we love so much. Spending consecutive hours with James and Jonah together was the best part of the day.

James and I went to be with London in the afternoon and she'd had gifts dropped in all day. Santa, and his elves stopped by too. Lucky girl. I got to love her, open the gifts we hadn't already delved into the last few weeks and called it good. James is on weekend LuLu watch and I will RELISH in Jonahs love at home.

I tucked Jones into bed, after a little questioning- I was happy to hear he knows the meaning of Christmas and whos birth we are celebrating. We talked a little about Jesus after praying to Him and called this a very good day- all things considered.


Jo Lynn said...

I'm so thankful it was such a wonderful Christmas and I can only imagine how loved sweet lulu was on this special day! Merry Christmas!!!!

Much Love,
Jo Lynn

Karen said...

Wonderful!Sounds like christmas turned out pretty nice for you all. I'm glad.

Annie said...

You're an inspiration. What a beautiful heart you have. I just love you. So glad you had time with your little family on Christmas. I thought about you several times during the day and was hoping there were some bright moments.


Jamie N said...

So glad you had some time together as a family on Christmas. I thought of you constantly and had a prayer in my heart for all of you. I'm loving Miss Lu's hat and scarf, and pretty much in LOVE with her hair. And love you too. You're darling in every way.

Martha Belle Schultz said...

James and Family , I have definitely been touched by your story and you are in my heart and prays , I hope all goes well today and pray that this beautiful lil angel will be blessed !

Sincerely , Martha ( Bunker ) Schultz


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