Thursday, December 17, 2009

FUN night...a SWEET cause

LuLu's beautiful, amazing, hard working, tender-hearted, funny daddy!

Josh, one of James's best friends since childhood. Funniest kid ever, and he's single ladies!!

My dad's best buddy from South High, Pres Miller. He's one of the church leaders and I imagine he had a thing or two to do with this night being for London. He is a tender man. He hasn't been able to hug or look at me for months without tearing up. I love him.

......and his beautiful, lovely, equal Sandy- parents to the boys so willing to strut their stuff for a good cause. (read about it below) :)

........doing the Hokey Pokey......and liking it!

We were "informed" last week that the singles wards (church group) in the area James grew up in were doing their Christmas dinner charity for our little Lu. It was such a surprise and again, very overwhelming that people are thinking of our little baby and trying to make our lives a tad bit easier right now.

We left LuLu in good hands with her PaPa at the hospital so James and I could be in attendance. The night was a lot of fun. It was held at the Marriott Hotel by the University of Utah. The night began with a silent auction that was filled with items donated by the people in attendance: swimming lessons, basketball lessons, home made treats for a year, jewelery, drawings....... and on and on. There were a lot of creative items/services up for grabs.

Dinner was delicious, the ambiance beautiful and the entertainment, great. There was a comedian during dinner followed by a live auction done by a "real" auctioneer. These items included flights, horseback riding, blind dates with HOT Cougerettes (dancers @ Brigham Young University), a segment on the news featuring the highest bidder making them look really "cool and interesting" and even pole dancing lessons! I think my favorite was a day at the lake with the Miller boys in Speedos (2 hot brothers) including: boating, tubing, jet skiing the whole 9 yards. The night concluded with karaoke where the church leaders had to sing and do the Hokie Pokie (someone bid like $300 bucks for them to do so) and many others lined up to sing their hearts out.

Many thank-yous to all who were involved, planned and in attendance. Your love and support were definitely felt. Again, our morale boosted.


Cydnee said...

Wow, so many good people on the planet! Love the Millers!

nennermommy said...

I can see were LU LU got her beauty... Wow you are stunning! YOu make me miss my blonde and long! Cute couple! I am glad you had a fun night!

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