Thursday, September 30, 2010


A friend from my gym, Bunny Bradley was hit and killed while cycling in July. Friends and family have organized a great even that will include a dinner/silent auction Oct. 8 and a 5k Sat. Oct. 9 (there will be LOTS of fun stuff going on) Please check for details and to buy tickets/ register. Money raised will be donated to her town of Draper to make a new section of hard trail for bikers or a rest stop on the trails. Hope to see you there!

I had a conversation with Bunny a few weeks before her death about LuLu. Her liver transplant. Her donor. The miracles and heartaches. Bunny became a donor. Several others spared when she was taken away. Someone has her beautiful eyes. Someone has her strong heart, healthy kidneys and beautiful, pink LIVER. Being on the receiving end ourselves I can only imagine the gratitude the individuals and families have for whomever DONATED LIFE to them. Bunny was an amazing person, one interaction with her and it made you want to be a better person.


Ben and Natalie said...

I didn't know that you knew Bunny. One of my best friends used to cheer with her at Brighton High School. She was a great person and has 2 beautiful girls. I wish I lived closer so I could participate. =)

Mikaela said...

Your fight to raise awareness is making a difference, after following your blog for nearly a year, I checked the yes for donation when I had to renew my license.


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