Thursday, June 3, 2010

Liver Families Picnic

We had a great time getting together with some of our liver friends, some we already knew well- like the Lais...the rest we met for the first time in person, though tied through our blogs. It's a comfortable feeling being around these strangers as we are linked together by something so near and dear to us all. Our sick babies. At one point I started laughing out loud as we were all asking each others blood types, liver sizes, previous surgeries etc. How many other picnics going on in Sugar House Park that day were people being asked about their blood type? We're a unique group- you could say.

An underlying theme of the day: how great it is to have Dr. Book on our side. I've thought many times before how there is always someone new coming into this scary process of finding out their child has a disease, feeling alone, scared, uncertain, depressed, overwhelmed- (do you want me to keep going?) etc. etc. There is such comfort in numbers. To know you aren't alone-someone else understands-really, really knows what your are going through. Eden was our first we watched go through the transplant process. Edens parents are also the ones who've organized Utah Liver Families, an organization to bring Utah (and Idaho/Wyoming) families dealing with liver problems together for support and friendship. There was no such group, so amongst dealing with their own very sick daughter they created this wonderful organization that will grow exponentially over the years and bless the lives of many to come. Thanks Doug and Erica, bravo to you both. They could have just gone on their way but they stopped and dedicated themselves to ways they could improve this process for all involved. If we would all do that in our own lives....(cliche) we'd live in a better world.

Love you Liver Familes, the ones I know and don't know yet.
alpha-1, liver mum


Douglas Lai said...

It's the Lai's lol

Janene said...

Sounds like the picnic was a great success. We look forward to being there next time. Thanks for thinking of us even though we couldn't make it.

Anonymous said...

Does lol stand for labor of love? Yes!! Thanks to the Lai Family. This post did my heart gooooood!! Keep the faith everyone. There is so much to be thankful for. Love, Bonnie Barnum

Erica said...

Love the pics it looks like Lulu is peaking down on everyone from that top one. :)I am excited for our next get together.
PS Is Lu still tube free? We are going on 5 days with no tube here. I am a little nervous, but Eden hasn't slowed down any so she must be getting enough. BTW heavy whipping cream is 50 calories per tablespoon! Wonderful stuff I am adding it to everything I can.

Anonymous said...

The Lai's contacted me through and email about the Utah Liver Families and we are so glad to be apart of your elite group. We are busting at the seems with questions! Looks like you all had a great time hope you and the family are doing well!

Cydnee said...

What a LOL! I like mom's acronym. Looks like a fun picnic...cute little liver kids.


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