Thursday, February 18, 2010

Victory is HIS

Another beautiful creation, by my dear Ally. ps she can create anything your little heart desires and will ship. This is Abdul and his FAMILY including the two American soldiers who have saved his family in more ways than one.

This is Abdul. We met him while Lu was in the PICU post transplant. His little girl Saja, in the PICU as well. After a long hard fight she passed away while in the hospital. We grew to love Abdul and his family who we haven't met but know through him, phone calls and SKYPE. He returned from Idaho (new home away from home, Iraq) for brain surgery.

This is him kissing James' phone as a video of LuLu plays. Before I could ask him how he is doing, his first question in broken English is "LULU, LULU, Baby, how is Baby?" When I respond with "perfect" He touches his heart, kisses his fingers and thanks God. "Thank you God, Thank you God." Love this man.

His brain surgery yesterday was a success. His kids now aren't worried about "if" their daddy is coming back home as they had to worry about Saja. Look at this mans eyes, HE is as good as they come. I feel ever so privileged that we are his friends. He is such a hero for so many reasons.

The AMAZING Doctors who performed this life-saving operation removed a non-cancerous tumor the size of a large fist that had eaten 2.6cm through nervous tissue as well as bone. It eventually would have spread to his ear canal, burst and caused instantaneous death. Thank God for Russell Hayes and everyone that had a part in getting this family out of harms way in Iraq and seeking the medical attention that half of the family so desperately needed. (3 of his 6 children have a rare form of dwarfism and his oldest, Sweet Saja was born with)

Brothers. This is Russell an Officer in the US Military who has a child with dwarfism as well. He and his wife have sponsored Abdul's family, spending their life savings doing so. They really are a blended family, living next door to each other in Idaho. Family isn't just about genetics.

Blowing me a kiss. If he didn't have a bandage on his head and IVs in his arms- you'd never in a million years think he'd undergone brain surgery less than 24 hours ago. He's perfect.

This is a blanket I made for Abdul in all my spare time. Laughing out Loud- I don't have any of that. I made it for him 12 years ago I just didn't know it at the time. I bet God did though. I intended on giving it to the LOVE of my life (at the time, a sophomore @ MHS my dear, sweet boyfriend Ty Williamson moved away to college and I was devestated) But when I was finally done with the quilt, I just couldn't give it to him. (sorry Ty, "KUPPER") Now, I know why. I've held onto it all these years in a box that would follow me from home to home...always wondering what I would do with it. Let's be honest-- it's probably the one and only quilt I'll ever make so I needed to be sure it found the right home. And it did, over a decade later.

Cheers to Abdul and his Family.



Alpha-1, liver mum


nennermommy said...

Wow! You are so sweet! I am so glad his surgery went well :)

Karen said...

What a wonderful new home for ur quilt! Such a big heart u have,Liz. God Bless!

Julia said...

Another happy ending! Can't wait to meet Abdul.

Utah McMonsters said...

You are such a sweetheart, and that's all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. :) Another beautiful soul, this man. As are you and your whole family.

Cydnee said...

Wow, Grandma would be proud of that quilt. Good work, Liz! Abdul is an inspiration...I'm so glad I met him and his sweet little daughter.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful quilt on a beautiful man... they look great together. Thanks for sharing more of his story.


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