Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A better day

Lemme out!


Eating AND keeping it down. :) (above pics are from this morning)

Auntie Mary Jane

Last night (above)she couldn't keep her head up, today--a million times better. I can't keep up with her...that's the way we like it.

After MANY tests, some results still has been determined she has an infection in her line that goes near her heart. SO, no one needs to feel guilty (myself included) of who might have given her what. They have been hitting her hard with antibiotics since we arrived and they have definitely helped. She is back to herself this morning. Cruising around our room in her walker, wanting to get out of her tight quarters. Which we can't because we are on the immunocomprimised unit. No one is really allowed out to prevent spreading anything to anyone else that is also immunosuppressed. Totally understandable, but makes for a little cabin fever.

They are running more labs and waiting to determine what kind of organism it is. This will determine whether they pull the line out, treat it with more antibiotics etc. etc. So for now, we feel lucky that this hospitalization isn't because of "liver" problems, per say. She'll fight this and we will be back to life as usual, hopefully home by the weekend. Cheers to LuLu for her sweet, fighting spirit God blessed her with.

P.S. Happy St. Patty's Day. Another, luckily less important holiday spent in the hospital. Didn't know it was today til a volunteer brought me a pot of gold (chocolate) that I've been eating for breakfast. Luckily, I packed a green shirt so LuLu isn't allowed to pinch me...or I'll pinch her back, really hard. (wink, wink) That's how this holiday works, right? She has no green, but I'll spare her this year.


Bjorn said...

Praying for LuLu!!


Anonymous said...

Once again she shows us what a fighter she is! God Bless her and the family!

Sarah Lemn said...

That first fever post transplant is always the scariest... okay every fever post transplant is scary. Glad LuLu is doing better. Hang in there! Love of Love!

PS Count us in for the scar picture, once I get and updated one I will post it to Mackenzie's blog.

Jo Lynn said...

Yeah, I'm so glad it's not concerning her liver. Poor Lulu, she is such a trooper! What an amazing little girl you have!!!! Keep us posted, hope you get out of their very soon! Much love and prayers your way!

Carrie Page said...

So glad she is zoomin' around. Such a relief to get some answers, too I bet. Thank you again for being such a great friend and neighbor...I know your time is limited & I appreciated it today! :) BTW...we will totally miss you guys!

Emily A. Merkley said...

Not true! She has a green binkie! She well within compliance for St. Patty's Day.

Erica said...

I am glad to hear she is feeling better and I hope your stay is SHORT!

allieb said...

Yay so glad she is feeling better : ) Hope you guys are back home soon. xoxo


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