Friday, November 5, 2010

i'll never say knock on wood again...

We spent the day in the ER, expected to be admitted but were able to come home tonight. (an early Christmas miracle ;)) LuLu has had a stomach bug that come day 4 today left her lethargic and dehydrated. Her liver team takes things like this very seriously as imbalances for her can cause big problems. After labs and more labs she was able to receive two rounds of IV fluids and we were released. My mom and I celebrated over diet cokes and Cheetos, she even let LuLu have a sip.

Highlight Reel from this ER trip:
1- going home after, that's never happened before
2-when the nurse was doing vitals and needing to look in London's mouth with her little light, LuLu stuck out her tongue and put the compressor down on it and said "ahhh." She loves opening them and playing with them so the timing was just perfect. (she'd opened about 50 before they came in, my mom and I kept throwing them away as to not leave any evidence behind, but she still had the one in her hand)

3-When they drew her blood (for the second time this week) she didn't flinch, make a peep, move her arm, squiggle or wiggle. The nurse was dumb founded. She was given the honorary best patient ever award--which is a bit sad to me but hey-- we'll take whatever accolades we can get. The scarring up and down her arms testify to all her practice.

4-The YUMMY sandwich and bowl-of-beets from the U of U's cafeteria. It is much (much) better than PCMC's. Make a mental note. And of course the Diet Cokes courtesy of our nurse.

We are extremely grateful to be home...there really is no place like it. Our new house really (and finally) feels like home-sweet-home.

On a different note our sweet, sweet friend Lydia is back in the hospital with serious complications that are any liver mum's worst nightmare. Please pray for them, send them your love and good energy. Be so grateful if you are a parent of healthy children, never, ever take that for granted because you never know if one day that may change.


Marga├ža said...

Thank God it was nothing too serious!

Love that girl!


allieb said...

So happy it was a quick stay! Lots of loves! xoxo

Kristin Kimble Purles said...

Glad to see you pulled some positives out of such a scary event. We will pray for Lydia. My heart breaks to think of families in that desperate time of their lives.

fernanda said...

I couldn't stop reading lulu's blog and I may admit I fell in love with her. She is such a warrior.
I am from Brazil and found your blog by accident and couldn't stop reading since the beginning. May our Father in Heaven keep blessing your family. You can be sure I am sending all my prayers from Brazil to Lulu, Ashley and your whole family! This blog is such an inspiration.
My mom has a kidney issue and may need a transplant some day... I hope it all goes well as it did for Lulu. I have an aunt who went through a kidney transplant and she is GREAT! Thank u for letting the world know how important it is to be a donor.
Lots of hugs


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