Tuesday, November 16, 2010

modern sick girl

my friend from jr. high and high school is gearing up for her 2nd kidney transplant. yes 2nd. and she's not even 30.

follow her blog @ http://www.modernsickgirl.blogspot.com/

she's positive, funny and witty. it's transplant time for someone, somewhere at all times. blows my mind.



Sheena Cody and Taylor said...

So crazy it is her second time around isn't it!

Karren Family said...

You don't know me, my name is HollyJo Karren and I have a little boy named Easten who has biliary atresia and is awaiting a liver translplant that my husband Rusty will give to him.
I saw your blog and so many questions ran through my mind and I feel somehow I know you because you are going and have gone through things we have and have not yet come to yet. I have so many thoughts for so many reasons and would love to be able to see from mom's point of view of how transplant was. I also read about your LuLu from the newspaper my mother brought to me. My e-mailis rkarrenfam@msn.com would you mind writing to me about that day, I feel like it haunts me each day although I try to put on the "everything will be fine face" for my family and children, but inside I feel so secretly overwhelmed. Thanks for any advice you can offer,


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