Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day16 New Diagnosis (posted by Lizzie)

No Butt Syndrome (NBS) Little toad is so teeny, tiny that she officially LOST her booty days ago. It was the last thing to leave after her legs and arms shrunk to twig like proportions. Yes, it's always been little, but she had one-it was really cute and hard not to pinch if you ever saw it. If anyone finds it please let us know. Meanwhile we will look to medical professionals to help her create a new one via the IV nutrition therapy that she's been receiving 12-18 hours a day and will continue to do so until her transplant.

We are hoping to get our little London home in the next few days. Our house isn't a home without her and Jones misses her dearly. I've had the "opportunity" (that's what it feels like) to be mom to Jonah today while James is with sweet LuLu at the hospital. Thank you all for your continued support. We've really felt so loved by so many.


Sarah said...

Lizze & James-- we feel like such heels having just learned not only of this blog, but of LuLu's situation. She is such a precious little girl, and we are praying for a successful transplant and recovery. We hope you get to have her back in your home soon! --as I'm sure it just aches to have your family apart like this.
And I don't know... but that lil' butt is still one of the cutest I've seen!
--Mo and Sarah

Hallie said...

Love the self Diagnosis...NBS...I can't wait to see LuLu so I can give her a little love pinch on her tiny little bum. I have faith that she will get that "bigger"(still very tiny) booty back soon. I love you LuLu!
Auntie Hallie

Lexi Ray said...


I am so so sorry to hear what you and your family are going thru. Jackson just told me and asked me to keep you guys in my prayers. My heart just aches for your wife and you and your little angel baby. Your little family will be in my constant prayers, And I will pray that you feel great comfort and peace and that your family will feel the lords arms wrapped around you. I will also be spreading the word, you can never have enough prayers.
Much Love to your little family
Alexis Ray (Theodore)

Cydnee said...

Liz, James is not the only funny one in your little family!

Sending lots of prayers and love....

Aunt Cyd, Uncle Bjorn and cousins

Willy Happy Mama said...

Hi Liz,
Cyd and I talked this weekend about your sweet little Lu Lu and she linked me this blog. We love your family. Hang in there Mama! You're doing great! Hugs and Prayers to you.
Julie Williams

Jo Lynn said...

I love babies bottoms, they are so stinkin cute and I'm sad she's lost her's, but I know it will come back very very soon. She is such a strong little girl and she is always in our prayers. This breaks my heart, I have a little girl of my own and she's 21 months and it hurts to see her hurt...I can't imagine what your family is going through. Hang in there, He's watching over your little angel and your family and He hears our prayers!
Jo Lynn


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