Wednesday, November 4, 2009

LuLu is lucky and loved! (by Lizzie)


After weeks of being away, Jonah needed to catch a glimpse of Little Lulu. So, we strolled her
out of her unit for a brief reunion. It was oh, so sweet.

Happy Girl

Auntie Marcae, Mommy to baby Kate. That's who LuLu got her middle name from. Little Kate passed away while I was pregnant with London. She was a beautiful girl that fought long and hard, much of it at PCMC with her amazing mom by her side. I love and respect Marcae with all my heart.

Daddy can always get her to laugh. He can get anyone to laugh. That's one of the reasons I am so in love with Mr. Badger.

Uncle Gavin & Auntie Jayma

Auntie Tellie...(took first shift on Halloween, then Uncle Jordan took the second so I could be with Jonah) Thanks guys!

Grandpa Barnum is so in love with this little lady bug!

Brad & Shelly (Chantell's mom and step-dad)
Corrine and Amy, London's transplant coordinators

Auntie Cydnee

Auntie Leslie
Angel Grandma

Aunties Hallie & Kathryn

Aunt JuJu. Big London fan

Nana Dearest
Thank you to the many wonderful people that have helped us in one way or another. We appreciate the prayers in her behalf, comments on the blog, emails, texts, phone calls and cards we have received. We feel very, very loved.

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Julia said...

I was expecting to scroll down and see the hideous pictures I took of myself while you were sleeping! Love you, Sis.

Annie said...

This is a beautiful post full of such beautiful (inside and out) people. So glad you have such amazing supporters. xoxo

Sam and Jess said...

It makes me so sad seeing London hooked up to all those machines with tubes all over her little body (it sure makes it hard to pick her up doesn't it?). I am hoping that you will be able to come home soon from the hospital...that is a miserable place to spend day after day and night after night. P.S. you look amazing even though I am sure you're so tired and worn down.

mearle said...

I wish I was there to take a shift or help you out in some way!! All I can do is send all my love from San Francisco and keep you all in my heart every day. I can't wait to see a happy, fat, new-liver-London at Christmas!
Love, Michelle

Amanda said...

Oh she is a doll! It breaks my heart to see your family like this. She is soo strong & soo cute! I'm glad you got to get away for a bit! We are alway thinking of you guys!!

Brian and Stephanie Wood said...

What a darling girl. I think about you guys all the time! I can't wait to see you on Tuesday. I'd come to the hospital, but I don't want to bombard you - I know how it is sometimes when you don't need chaos - ;)

Jo Lynn said...

These pictures break my heart to see her in the hospital like that. She and your adorable family is always in our prayers! I'm so thankful you have such wonderful family and friends surrounding you to get through this. I hope you can go home very soon and please keep us posted as to how she's doing! She makes the most beautiful little lady bug ever!

Dayton and Candice said...

To see everyone that has been to visit Lulu and help you out is so amazing to see-Not that I'm suprised you are one in a million and you met your match in Mr. Badger--I'm so so sorry I haven't been to see Lulu and you! I pray for you daily and your name is a constant on the provo temple prayer-roll ( I sound like Grandma cuff)love you so so much--Give Lulu a love from me!

Melissa Parker said...

Lizzie! Alexis Ray gave me this blog address to check out. I didn't realize it was you, we worked together at PBK years ago, you were prego with Jonah. Anyways I really just wanted to tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Lulu is truly beautiful! Her sweetness is so apparent in all of these pictures. I wish you all of the blessing your family deserves! Much love and concern,
Melissa Parker


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