Thursday, April 15, 2010

Run Alec, Run.

Alec and Megan

I think anyone who completes a marathon is quite amazing. That is a lotta miles to run, a huge feat, crazy training, much motivation and intense discipline. I'm tired just thinking about it. For some running comes more naturally than for others, some people actually LIKE it. (imagine that?!) For most running is much more difficult. Many endure more, have to try harder, have something to overcome but still get to the finish line. For THIS guy getting to the starting line was spurred by a long road he was forced to travel. Meet Alec.

He had a liver transplant less than a year ago and he is running the Salt Lake Marathon this weekend. He wasn't a "runner" before, but he's a "runner" now and loves it. He wanted to mark his first year post transplant with something huge--and he is! I'm sure he'll think of and praise his donor every step of 26.21875 mile way. Alec may be running on our Ragnar Relay Donate Life Team.

Good Luck Alec, show Salt Lake what transplantees can do!!



alpha-1, liver mum


The Hunters! said...

Wow! Good luck Alec!! That's amazing!! My sister and 6 of my good friends are running it this weekend... I need to get off my big bummy & start training! Such an inspiration! I so enjoy all of your post's Lizzie!!

Douglas Lai said...

Can you ask Alec if we can add him to Utah Liver Families blog.


Tara said...

How inspiring! I was lucky enough to have been at the finish line waiting for a friend, who also ran the marathon yesterday. I can't tell you how amazing the people who take on that kind of challenge are. I saw a man with a prosthesis on one leg cross that line and I was bawling--along with several others. Although I didn't know about Alec yesterday, I'm sure I saw him cross, too. Thanks for sharing his story, Liz!

Jo Lynn said...

That is truly incredible!!! Wow, what an amazing guy, I hope he feels he met a challenge because what a challenge that is!!


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