Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Verdict is in...

We were both very smelly this morning so Lu got a good bath and I got to go home and shower thanks to Aunt Mary Jane. I do not enjoy showering in public bathrooms, I'd rather be dirty til I can make it home.
You bet I'll blackmail my daughter with this picture one day. It made me laugh, hope it makes you too...

Ahh, that's more like it. Enjoying room service-a perk to being isolated to our room. Hospital food gets a bad rap, but it's actually really good- as long as you aren't eating it more than a few days straight, then it turns bad fast.

Poo for dinner or so it looks. It was actually dessert. Chocolate dipped Oreos- a favorite hospital splurge.

A visit from Jonah is always good medicine. Thanks to Nana, PaPa, cousin Jen, Miss Joy and Miss Julie for all your help with him. Jonah also loves self declared take-your-son-to-work-days like today.


..sounds really scary, but in all actuality it's a strain of the common cold. Not a big deal for most. For LuLers it is. Hence my paranoia about hand washing, shoe removing, Clorox wiping, limited visitors, aversion to public places etc. It's my life to keep her healthy we aren't ever "out of the woods."
"Rhino viruses can cause clinically significant, chronic lower respiratory tract infections in immunosuppressed patients. Respiratory syncytial virus, influenza viruses, and para influenza viruses have all been reported to cause serious lower respiratory tract infections in immunocompromised host."

We are happy it isn't anything worse but also realize that trips to the ER for a cold/fever is what is in store for us, forever. I'm not complaining- we are grateful she's here with us and we have access to the best medicine whenever she needs it. These few day stints are good reminders of just how lucky we are and how important our little family is to us. Life is so fragile and London is our constant reminder of this.

Get well & keep well my Little Lu.

Alpha 1, liver Mum


The Hunters! said...

So glad it's nothing super serious! Good for you guys! Wahooo! A.S.A.P... Always Say A Prayer!!

TPoirot said...

YAY- so very to hear that it's nothing too serious & LuLu will be feeling good soon...xoxo

Marga├ža said...

So good to see her smile again! I love the chocolate hands...

I´m so happy to know it´s not a nasty virus to treat! No matter how much we clean, they always get something...6 months after transplant I try not to be paranoid, but it´s hard!

With love,

Alice (Martim´s mum)

Jan said...

I'm sooooooooooo relieved and happy that you now know what you're dealing with. Oh my, talk about a big sigh of relief w/lots of Praises going upwards! I've been keeping up w/your precious little girl, but this is my first opportunity to comment ... I've been praying hard and leaped for joy when I read that her liver was just fine! Prayers now that you all are back home very, very soon ... prayers for little Harmonee, Lydia and Chase too! Such precious children :) God Bless and a special hug to LuLu from me please :) Jonas too!

Lindsey said...

You all are amazing. I love to read your blogs and how positive you remain. God Bless you all!

Erica said...

Darn Rhino Virus! The same virus postponed Eden's transplant by two weeks and made Lydia so sick after transplant.
Prayers she is feeling better soon and you are home.


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