Thursday, January 14, 2010

10:30 ish

Good night sweetheart.

This was our comic relief for the day. Funniest guy we know.

Gavin and jayma Woods..

Jordan and his darling girlfriend, who we LOVE Erin- up for a visit. We are grateful Jordan is being spared from one of the largest surgeries you can possibly have.

Jayma, Lu Aunt MaryJane

We just found out from our nurse that surgery has been pushed back yet again, 11 AM. We were told it's due to the inversion (disgusting, horrible pollution here in Utah that is like a thick fog) planes are being grounded. So whether it is our surgeon going out of state to procure her liver or other surgeons flying in to retreive different organs from this same donor--it's not happening when they would have liked. so that's that. the plan always changes. we are use to that, just didn't think it would be happening on this day. early this morning when we got the call I would have imagined we would have been long done with surgery by now.

It's not in our hands, it never has been. We've turned it over to God and know in His time- all will be well. "Be still, for I am God" has played over and over in my mind today. Be still Liz, be still.

We had several friends drop in tonight thinking we'd all be in LuLu's waiting room, their company was all enjoyed and appreciated. Again to all reading- thank you for your support. It is beautiful how so many can easily unite and show so much love and support with the click of the mouse. We are honored to share LuLu's story in hopes of much good coming from it for others. Good night for now. My beautiful husband just fell asleep as his sweet head hit the pillow, I hope I can do the same.


Sarah said...

sweet dreams lizzie! i hope you sleep deeply. tomorrow WILL be a busy day.

TPoirot said...

sweetest Lizzie hope you got some rest~ couldn't sleep much thinking about You, James & LuLu! hope today God gives you peace as you await this amazing life altering surgery! you have ALL the angels in the world cheering for your sweet London...XoXo

Annie said...

Still loving you. Still praying hard for little Lu (and the rest of you). xoxoxo


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