Saturday, January 30, 2010

Has an Angel, Is an Angel

These wings have been hanging in London's closet for a few months. I thought they were darling when I bought them at "LuLu's Boutique" and they were only $4.95, would never have imagined the meaning they would take on mere months away from purchase. Has an Angel, Is an Angel...the later I've always known.

Another FIRST today. Shoveling Cheerios in her mouth faster than they could disintegrate. My heart sings....over CEREAL!! Her lovely headband was mailed from her friends Miss Mia (California) and her big sister, Angel Kate (Heaven). Thank you girls, she loves it.

Life is soooo good!
Daddy and LuLu's self-portrait. James is doing his very best to balance life right now. Luckily, business has stayed steady, he's doing frequent visits to the hospital and seeing Jonah most all days. There have been a few self declared take-your-son-to-work-days which are enjoyed by both parties. And of course...being an amazing husband, friend and support to me all at the same time. This MAN is remarkable.

LuLu's chest x-ray yesterday. The torture is quick, and she is strong. Turned out to look good despite some respitory struggles she has off and on. Luckily we caught NaNa, PaPa and Jones in the hallway otherwise Jonah wouldn't have been able to see her at all if we were on the ICS floor. Jones and I got to spend some quality time in the playroom as LuLu was in the company of her wonderful Badger Grandparents.

Dr. Jones

The LOVE is you can reach out and grab it. We love you NaNa and PaPa.

"No, no Jones...leave her mask on. Don't touch her face. Germs, Germs, Germs. No, No, No. Don't do that..." Poor boy. Welcome to your new life...hard, yes. But better than the one we've left behind.

FIRST wagon ride! Unfortunately it was back and forth to the radiology department and not "around the block" but it's still a FIRST that we are happy to have. Life is GOOD and getting better every hour, every day.


Anonymous said...

thats do a lot of work on this blog and I hop LuLu knows that.your friend Noah Tyler

Sarah said...

what a wonderful entry to read! i'm SO happy she's chowing on the cheerios! what a wonderfully *typical* thing for a girl her age! :)

TPoirot said...
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Karen said...

Such wondrful posts! So good to see everyone smiling. So good to see Lu eating Cheerios....a babies favorite delicacy! the giggling Lulu...priceless!!....I hope u don't mind, i'm going to try and steal it and post it on my blog. Let me know if thats a proble. God Bless!!and happy Sunday!

Erica said...

Seeing London eat cheerios and feed herself a bottle just makes me so happy for you. Eating is a struggle at our house. Getting a bit better but still struggle. I hope you don't have to go through this particular one or anymore for that matter.


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