Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Night Visit (By Julia)

LuLu and I spent some time together last night and it was FaBuLoUs!! She is propped up with pillows and was awake for about 45 minutes. Her nurse brought us some toys and I read her a book. She batted at the toys and was very playful. I kept ducking on the side of the bed, then I'd pop and and say "BOO!"...I got a few laughs and smiles out of her. It made my heart happy to see her doing so well.

As of last night, her collapsed lung still hadn't re inflated, but her nurse didn't seem too worried when I asked her about it. She's still on a morphine drip to manage her pain. What a girl!




A and B Circus said...

Our hearts are happy also when we hear that she can smile! We'll keep the prayers coming! Love you LuLu!

The Barnums

Brandi said...

Just started following your blog. Glad LuLu is doing great! What a beautiful and sweet girl. God is good!!!

Jo Lynn said...

Wonderful, so glad to hear she's smiling and a laugh here or there! What a doll she is! Much love coming your way!

Sarah said...

yay! a smile! :) so glad to hear how well she's doing.

Marga├ža said...

So good to see how well Lulu is doing!

Martim had the same with the lungs, after 12h oof the vent.But he was ok after 2 days. I hope the same for sweet Lulu!

I love the pedicure and the flower on her head, she´s gorgeous!

Love to all,


Amberly and Matt said...

Matt and I are constantly checking for updates. I know how many things can change in a 12hr. shift, so we are thrilled she is doing so well. Thanks to everyone that is helping keep this updated. We are praying every day for your little family! This little girl is beautiful!!

Angeline said...

I pray for London every night and am so thankful everything is going so well for her. She really is one tough cookie and your family amazes me every day.

Dave and Lacey said...

We are so happy to read the updates! Glad to hear she is smiling! You are still in our prayers and we wish the very best for Lulu.


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