Monday, January 25, 2010

Were Movin' on the 4th floor

This was London's view on her ceiling both in the PICU and ICS. She loves her bubby.

Pilates--that would even make Jenna proud. (my dear instructor)

She looks ready for mischief already. I can't wait!! Please start crawling all over and pulling things out of drawers and making messes for Mummy and keep me on my toes. (really, please!)

Bu-Bye PICU, our stay was nice, nurses great but hope to never be critical enough to return.

The moment I have been waiting for. Beautiful, no? Warrior baby, Miracle baby.

I would have given 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up, but my other was on the camera. So use your imagination.

Ready for transport. She got many "ooos" and "ahhhs" down the hallways and was very warmly welcomed to the ICS as the "cutest baby they've ever seen". I'm sure they say that to all the little ladies, but she is pretty darn cute and has the sweetest, strongest spirit inside of her. She eminates goodness and beauty. I love her more each day, Jonah and James too. I thought I loved them as much as I possibly could, maxed out, but this has changed everything somehow. It is so different now. They all give me the chills when I see them and I cant wait to get my arms around them and lips on them. Enjoying every second with my family.
I am not promised tomorrow, none of us are.
Liver MuM


Douglas Lai said...

She looks great! Eden's appointment is at 11. I will give you a call after we are done and we can meet you upstairs if you would like. See you later.

Brock and Lisa McKeown said...

LuLu looks great!!!!!

Jo Lynn said...

Oh her tummy looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is such a doll and yeah for being transferred. Oh how I love this little girl and as I read about how much more love you have inside I can only imagine seeing how fragile life is first hand. So great to hear how she's improving and thank you for sharing the stories of the other's unfortunately having to battle through life, beautiful stories and such sweet people! Those doctors and nurses are saints for being so positive, loving, gentle, sweet and everything else! Give baby lulu a kiss for us, we are flying to Utah in April and oh how I'd love to meet her in person!!!

Sarah said...

love those 'peepers' looking out over the top of the mask! :) beautiful, strong LuLu.

Cydnee said...

Love the scar and the normal size of her abs!!! And those brown them! Thanks for being a friend to all, Liz...especially those that need them most. You've always been good at that.

Sarah Lemn said...

I am playing catch up from Mackenzie rejecting and then being on travel for work and I am sooo excited that things are going so well and you are out of the PICU! Reading everything you are going through brings back a flood of feelings and emotions. I am so over joyed for your family! Lots of Liver love to all of you.

Amelia said...

Oh my goodness Liz. I found all of this out way too late. Your faith and happiness amaze me. You family is beautiful. Good luck, I will be checking in for updates!


Josie said...

It is so good to see her doing so well. I hope you guy's are too. I want to come see her soon. She is one beautiful sweet girl.

mearle said...

It's so great to see London happy and smiling and back to normal with a beautiful belly! Much love.

Leslie Jean said...

hooray for making it upstairs-- sweetest stories of your life and others-- and cutest pictures of little lulu-- love her already and I haven't even met her.

but i work on ics and so i'll be looking to meet her this weekend!


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